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Our Philosophy

We Invest

At Zoë Facility Services, we take time to appreciate each and every one of our team members and invest in them.

We're a community-driven company with the time and means to tailor-make an employee benefits package to each and every one of our team members (those working 20 or more hours a week). We value each individual on our team for who they are, not just what they do. Whether you are pursuing a college education, investing in your retirement, expanding your family through adoption, need health coverage or all the above — we’re excited to invest in the futures of our team members.

We Value

We are firm believers in teamwork.

That's more than a phrase coined to make reality sound better than it is. It's a philosophy that permeates every aspect of the way we operate as a business. Every team member is vital. Each person brings something only they can bring to their role at Zoë Facility Services and we get excited when our differences unite us and create something amazing that we could have not done on our own.

We Envision

We believe we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

Everyone appreciates what we do, whether they realize it or not. We make each facility we service a cleaner and healthier place to work, play and learn. Every single day, we’re making the world around us better than it was before we got there. In both our relationships and our roles in the team, we are committed to bringing new, positive life experiences. Whether we are working alongside non-profits in our community or alongside each other with our clients, we are passionate about making a difference.

We Innovate

We believe there is always a reason to improve.

There is an ever-present opportunity to get better, to improve, to set a new standard. In our relationships with each other and those with whom our team interacts, in our process and the way we work: we are ambitious, committed and creative; ‘fine’ is not an option, it’s an invitation to dig in fine-tune and produce something rare — something valuable.